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American Legion Memorial Day Service
May 18, 2018

The American Legion will be holding a Memorial Day Service


May 28, 2018

9:00 AM Church Service

Holy Name of Jesus Christi Church

Highland Avenue, Otisville, NY

10:00 Service at the Monument

Followed by Refreshments at Brennon Hall 


May 08, 2018
PEARL RIVER, NY May 8, 2018 --- O&R warned its customers today about a new phony bill-payment scheme --- this time in Spanish on Facebook

Otisville's Annual Arbor Day Celebration
April 30, 2018
The Village of Otisville held its annual Arbor Day Celebration on Friday, April 27th. 
Village Newsletter 2017 Holiday Edition
November 16, 2017
See the latest edition of the Village Newsletter containing our holiday celebrations schedule as well as important dates for 2018.
New Playground Equipment Coming to Veterans Memorial Park (click here to see our progress)
October 06, 2017

Dear Residents,

Our new playground equipment has arrived and installation is progressing, however due to a missing part, the completion will be delayed until next week sometime.

During this time the:

Playground Area Only will remain CLOSED for your safety

 until the installation of the new equipment and other upgrades are complete.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are excited to bring these new improvements to the park for our community.

The walking path, pavillion and other areas of the park will remain open for your enjoyment.

Dates will be posted as we receive confirmation from our contract supplier.

Thank you,

Brian W. Wona, Mayor  and Ike Palmer, Parks Commissioner                             

Important Message from Orange and Rockland Utilities
September 07, 2017




PEARL RIVER, NY Sept. 6, 2017 --- How did we ever communicate with our neighbors before the Internet?

We chatted with them as we walked the dog or waited with the kids at the bus stop. We took a break from mowing the lawn to discuss the events of the day over the back fence or on a breather from raking leaves or shoveling snow out of the driveway.

 But, if we lost a household pet, sponsored a teen car wash, hosted a garage sale, opened a lawn-care business, ran for public office or threw a block party, the first place we went to spread the news was the utility pole.  

 Before anyone ever imagined the Internet, one of the most popular local message boards by default became the utility poles that line many of the communityís streets. The poles were one of the most convenient and accessible methods for hosting a posting. Signs of every shape, size and message sprung up every season --- especially during the political season.

 Now, times have changed. The Internet is the most effective marketing tool ever conceived. We have a distribution list for everyone from the Cub Scout troop to the choir group and everyone in between. The neighbors are at our texting finger tips.

 And, still the pole signs prevail. Not satisfied with texting everyone we know, we want the carriage trade passerby as well. No one can pass our block without seeing posts on poles about our garage sales.

 Unfortunately, those signs and posters more often than not pose a safety risk as a visual distraction to motorists, particularly at street intersections, and a litter nuisance. Further, such signs can obscure the poleís 10-digit I.D. number, hindering customer efforts to determine a definitive pole location when reporting outages or damage.

 So, O&R today issued a reminder to its customers, particularly all political candidates and their campaign workers as we enter the electoral season, about O&Rís long-standing policy prohibiting the posting of all signs on utility poles.

 This policy is grounded in very practical safety and litter control considerations and O&R is asking the cooperation of all who hang signs for car washes, lost pets, garage sales and political campaigns for compliance.



Brian W. Wona - Mayor  -


Christine DiPoalo - Village Clerk/Treasurer -


Regina Weissinger - Deputy Clerk/Treasurer


Frank C. Valentino -  Superintendent - - After Hours, please call 845-629-6232.


Diane Loeven - Trustee


Ike Palmer - Trustee


Robert Bennett - Trustee


Bob Clouse - Trustee



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